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How can I recover lost contacts on jailbreaked iPhone?

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I got jailbreaking iPhone 6 with iOS 9. Silly me, I haven't backed up my iPhone before jailbreaking. So it is impossible to restore from iCloud or iTunes. Is it possible for me to find backup my lost contacts?

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You can't recover them. If no backup has been created, then recovery isn't possible. It doesn't matter if you use a jalbreaked or stock iPhone. That data is stored on a section that no application can be used to recover it.

The backup through iTunes or iCloud is actually the recommended/safest way to recover the data when something bad happens.

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Check out whether there is an iTunes or iCloud backup, if not, you can try recovery tools.
Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone.

3 Steps to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Contacts from iPhone 6/5S/4 without Backup

Step 1: Choose the Recovery Mode
To begin with, you need to connect your iPhone devices to the computer via its USB cable, then launch the program on your personal computer to bring up the start window. Select "Recover from iOS Device" to scan and get back your lost contacts from the iPhone directly.

Step 2: Preview & Find the Contacts You Need

Hit "Contacts" option in the left panel and then you can see the detailed contents in the right panel. Go through them to find your target files ASAP, then mark the contacts you want to restore one by one. If you wish to restore the whole contacts list, you can check the all contacts with one simple click.
enter image description here

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You can get your lost contacts back via Syncios Data Recovery. I wiped my iPhone 5C last week, and this tool help me recovered all my contacts, SMS and other data, it even found my deleted photos. You can have a try.

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Coolmuster iPhone SMS Contacts Recovery is a good program designed for restoring. With it you can scan and recover deleted messages ,contacts from iPhone 4,iPhone 5,iPhone 6 etc.

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Usually, if you lost data from iphone, I think you can have a look at your iTunes or iCloud backup.

And if you did not back up the data before losing them, the data recovery programs can also
be a good choice. Recover deleted contacts iphone.

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According to what you said, if you have not backed up your iPhone before jailbreak and you have never synced contacts to iTunes/iCloud, you cannot use backup to restore after data loss. One solution you can try is to FREE scan, preview and check your lost contacts using an iPhone data recovery Windows or Mac tool. If you are sure that they are recoverable, get the job done!

How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max)

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