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Will Musicator work in Windows 10?

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Will Musicator work in Windows 10?

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Yes, the software works on Windows 10, but you will have to install the ASIO4ALL driver first. Once it's installed, start the main program's setup package and then follow the instructions.

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Really? I say. NO.
I bought this fantastic program in 1992 and now must I see, that my whole work (about 2000 files created because I am a music teacher) is going down with windows 8.1 64-Bit. I must take a second computer with good old windows xp, if I want to use musicator for the further years. The compatibility mode ignores musicator (no results) so that I use the right click menu from the musaud.exe - ALL versions of windows leads to no result!!! In between I red in a lot forums, that only a Virtual Machine can bring better results. I tried this, but after the program start I cannot pull down any menus without crashing the program. Iam very sad about this.

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