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How to get Epson LX-800 driver for Windows 7?

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I try to download the printer driver Epson LX-800 for Windows 7, but I can't get it from the developer. Please give me the link or site or an available download URL.

Thank you.

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It seems that the printer belongs to a series that was discontinued long time ago and there is no support for Windows 7 operating system but there's a way to install it without regard to the OS. You will not have all the functions available, except printing.

Windows 7 benefits from its Windows Update feature so many devices which do not have drivers for the operating system could easily get installed due to the big database of generic drivers that Microsoft offers through its Update features. Make sure the Internet connection is working and perform a full Windows Update operation. With a bit of luck your, printer will be emulated and installed using a generic printer driver.

To access Windows, either go to Start Menu and type: Windows update or go into the Control panel > System and Security > Windows Update and perform a search for newest updates and drivers. For detailed results, please, access the menu on the left and select all that is related to Epson drivers and printers. In case there is something found, accept the install and perform a restart of the computer.

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