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Read compact flash data from TE-2200

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How to read compact flash from Casio TE-2200?

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Compact flash cards can be read using a card reader. Most of the modern card readers have a slot for CF cards. Remove the card from the TE-2200 and then insert it into a card reader, and Windows will make it available through a drive letter in Computer. You can browse normally to access the contents of the CF card.

Note: Use Amazon to buy a CF card reader or a multi/all-in-one card reader.

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Thanks for your quick answer. Maybe I didn't asked the question properly.
The file from TE-2200 has a .900 extension, and excel does not read it. I opened it with the notepad, but it has strange characters, impossible to read.
The question is: How can I read this .900 file.

I appreciate your answer.


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