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I want to read Japanese PDF documents using XPDF.

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I want to read Japanese PDF documents using XPDF. I read English PDF documents using XPDF pdftotext. But pdftotext does not convert Japanese PDF document to text.

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If you need Japanese support then you will have to download the support package which is found on the same page as the main download of the program.

Extract the archive with your favorite extracting application (Windows or Unix) and place the files to:

Unix - /usr/local/share/xpdf/japanese
Win32 - C:\Program Files\xpdf\japanese

After this open "add-to-xpdfrc" file from the extracted archive and copy its contents to xpdfrc file which is found in:

Unix - /usr/local/etc/xpdfrc
Win32 - C:\Program Files\xpdf\xpdfrc

The code which is needed is:

#----- begin Japanese support package (2011-sep-02)
cidToUnicode    Adobe-Japan1    /usr/local/share/xpdf/japanese/Adobe-Japan1.cidToUnicode
unicodeMap  ISO-2022-JP /usr/local/share/xpdf/japanese/ISO-2022-JP.unicodeMap
unicodeMap  EUC-JP      /usr/local/share/xpdf/japanese/EUC-JP.unicodeMap
unicodeMap  Shift-JIS   /usr/local/share/xpdf/japanese/Shift-JIS.unicodeMap
cMapDir     Adobe-Japan1    /usr/local/share/xpdf/japanese/CMap
toUnicodeDir            /usr/local/share/xpdf/japanese/CMap
#fontFileCC Adobe-Japan1    /usr/..../kochi-mincho.ttf
#----- end Japanese support package

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