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What is the best way to tether my ZTE X500 to my computer so I have the Internet?

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My phone is my only source of the Internet right now, and I need my computer to do almost everything I need the Internet for, so what is the best way to tether my ZTE x500 to my HP Pavilion M6 running with Windows 7 laptop?

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All major Android wireless phones are compatible with WiFi tethering. That means you can broadcast to the wireless Internet you receive through 3G connection from your data carrier. To enable these functions, please go to the menu of your phone, click Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & Portable hotspot, then you can choose the method: USB (broadcast the Internet with a cable) or Portable WiFi (broadcast the Internet with wireless technologies). From the same screen, enter the settings menu and select the SSID, password and any other customization options available.
The best way is to stream the Internet with a USB cable because of the speed that is faster than WiFi.

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HI, I had this problem with a Cricket ZTE Z740. The best solution that work is to go to the android store and download pdanet plus. It will walk you through the process. Once it download check use phone to tether. It will tell you your computer has to have pdanet downloaded on your pc. No problem, you can download to your phone and then transfer the file through regular usb transfer method (media storage). Once transferred run the program, follow the prompts and then you are connected.

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