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Fixing coreldrw.dll files

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After installing my Corel Draw I get an error regarding coreldrw.dll with code 998.
Please what should I do? Help me please.

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After doing some research, I have come to conclusion that this error can be caused by multiple reasons because many users complain about it due to the fact that they performed all the suggestions and nothing worked. You can try the following indications and maybe one will work for you:

  1. Perform a new installation of the software by removing it from Add & Remove Programs (Windows XP) / Programs (Windows 7).
  2. Use its built-in repair function while you perform uninstallation operations.
  3. Carefully uninstall Windows Updates (hotfixes) which you do not need.
    Anyway, these solutions have a big chance to succeed because the error is handled differently on all operating systems.

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