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Question about Business Answer Tool

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I'm in charge of the Business Answer Tool. I've read the Report Module Manual but I still have some questions:

  1. Country Origin/ Destination: Is it indicates the country or origin or destination? Exactly what does mean Line Cluster/ Line region for the data base?
  2. Dm route: Is it indicates the route of the shipments? Where can I find the meaning of Route code : c1, c3 etc? And finally what does it mean the letters (w, e, r, s…) in the category of route direction?

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I recommend checking the manual again because this software doesn't appear anywhere. I have searched known websites and on Google Search, but nothing is available. If you are in charge of the software, then you should have all the manuals available. Secondly, if you are not the developers, launch the application then go to Help > About. Take all the contact options and get in touch with the developers.

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