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4CLipika asks for a password when I try to run it. Where can I get it?

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I was trying to run 4C Plus Lipika on Windows 7.

Please tell me how can I configure Adobe Page Maker so that it can use Chanakya fonts in 4C Plus Lipika.

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Indeed, the software asks for a password and I also tried every combination possible but it seems that you can only receive a password after you contact the developer of the software because you might need to buy the application before you use it properly.

When you install the software, in your Start menu > All Programs > 4CLipika you have a Shortcut.PDF file which explains how to change the fonts. It's a combination between: Ctrl, Alt and some letters.

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i tried "bhaskar" as password. it worked on windows 7.

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I want to work 4c Plus Lipika in Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows7 Pro). It worked properly in Windows7 properly but the process suggested for windows 7 but not worked in Windows 10

Suggest me the process to work 4c Plus Lipika in Windows 10 ASAP
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there is problem with compatibiltiy, i tried a lot but nothing happening software is working but font is not running as use to be. doing rnd sooner find it how to work with it in windows7

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passwords are bhaskar and punjabkesari

but the main problem is when we use this software in corel draw

it gets very slow or hanged

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The 4c Plus Lipika software does not work in Windows 10.
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Go to control panel

User Account
Click on Change user account control settings under the section Make changes to your user account.
Then a dialogue box will appear.
In this section slide down the notification bar to 'Never notify'.
Then click OK.
Close dialogue box and restart your PC.
Now you will be able to run 4C Lipka on windows 7.

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