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iTunes can't sync with my iPhone. How to fix it?

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I have an iPhone 6, but it seems that my iPhone isn't being recognized by iTunes, and I need to transfer music from iPhone to my computer.

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The device needs to be added to the Trusted list when you first connect it. It might be locked and the pop-up hidden. Turn on your phone and unlock it then connect it to PC while iTunes is opened. After the pop up appears, tap on Trust. After this procedure, connect the iPhone 6 to PC and it should be detected. For the sync issues, tap on your device, then go to Music and uncheck Sync music. Disconnect the device and reconnect it. If you still have issues, reinstall iTunes.

Download iTunes:

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Solution 1: Update to the Newest iTunes and Change a USB cable
Solution 2: Re-Authorize iTunes on Your Computer
Solution 3: Reboot the iOS Device & Computer
Solution 4 : Use the Wireless Syncing Method
Wireless syncing could be an alterantive method when iTunes dose not sync your iPhone via USB cable. In your iDevice summary dialog in the iTunes on the computer, tick Sync with this iPod over WiFi. Then, on your iPod, tap Setting > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Sync now.

With wireless syncing, be sure that both the iOS device and the computer are on the same wireless network. It will not work if they are not joined to the same network.
sync with this iPhone over wifi.enter image description here

Solution 5: Update Drivers

If you recently update your computer system to Windows 8 or Windows 10 and found that iTunes no longer detected your iPod Touch or iPhone, update drivers could be a good way to slove this issue.

Go into the device manager on your computer.
Go to portable devices (it is rught under network adapters).
Right clic apple iphone and click update drivers.
Brows your drivers from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. After that your itunes will pump up alown and youl see your iphone right there.

enter image description here

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Is your iTunes the latest version? To fix your iTunes won't sync with iPhone, you can update iTunes version, change the method to sycn, re-authorize computer to access iTunes, check if your iPhone is syncing with iCloud, or repair using an iOS system recovery no data loss. Just combine all solutions here to try and hope u can solve it soon.

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