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Login Failure on Android.

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My Snapchat isn't letting me log in anymore. I have tried to reset my password but it comes up with the username "unlikely" and not my real username login. I have tried syncing my Gmail account on Android, as well as reinstalling the app. Nothing has worked and I really don't want to get a new account. Is there anything tech support can do on your end?? I am happy to supply my username to help.

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Snapchat features a service that allows you to get in contact with the developers. The form is for bug reports, but it can be easily considered as a support method for problems related to your account.

Contact form:

Use that form and explain the situation as clear as possible. Also, provide real details and you will be contacted on your email address.

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Thanks so much! Turns out my account was locked and I could unlock it through logging onto a computer account and then it could log in from my phone.

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