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Force .mpp files to open in full project when accessed from a web site.

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We have a web based software product that sits on IIS and allows for documents to be opened from the website.

This includes links to project files (.mpp). The issue we have with one of our customer when they click on the link to open (download) the .mpp file it attempts to open inside of the browser window. This opens for some users, but others are presented with a blank screen (all have Project 2010 installed). So issue one is that the file are not always displayed on the end users screen.

The second issue is that by open from within IE it creates a ready only view whereby the customer wants the link to open in full MS Project so they can update the file.

So the main question is there anyway to force the file to open in full MS project either by setting a mime type or similar on the IIS server or a setting on the clients PC?

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This issue is known as a file association error. This means that the file is not properly assigned to be opened with the Project 2000 application. Luckily, this is easy to fix. If you're using Windows Vista or higher, go to Start and search File associations. Use the opened window to locate the MPP file and then change or instruct your users to change it to Project 2000.

enter image description here

Secondly, if you use another browser, simply go to the Options menu and locate the File Association menu. Again, locate the MPP and change it to open with the default application.

Example from Firefox:

enter image description here

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