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Information about Jakecares and Opinteks.

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Can anyone help please? On my iMac I have 2 folders in the applications folder called:

  1. Jakecares
  2. Opinteks

Both have 2 files in them one is a text file saying we are the best download manager you can get but if you want to uninstall then run the second file which is called "Uninstall app".

I don't want to run these uninstall apps unless I know what they are and I am suspicious that they are viruses.

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What you have is called the InstallMac malware and it can be removed by following the guide below:

  1. Copy ~/Library/LaunchAgents then go to ** Go > Go to Folder...** and paste it.
  2. Wait for the folder LaunchAgents to open.
    2.2 You should see something like:
    - something.ltvbit.plist
    - something.update.plist

  3. Move to Trash all the bogus names (Jakecares, Opinteks)

  4. Logout and restart.
  5. Do the same and go to ~/Library/Application Support
  6. If you find folders like the ones above, move them to trash as well.
  7. Open your browsers, then access the extension area and uninstall all the extensions you don't need.

Reboot again and you should be free of the malware/trojan.

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