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"Burning process wrong" error message

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I've tried burning a DVD 3 times. I used Windows Live Movie Maker to edit video. Saved it, converted that file to .vob, then tried using WinX DVD Author to burn to disk.

DVD 536047616 470731908
Start to burn DVD disk
Burning process wrong
Burn DVD disc finished

Authoring process is 100% at this point
Burning process is 0% and disk is not usable.

Any suggestions?

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You should look for another application, because this one is known to give errors. However, you should check the size of that VOB file because it appears you are trying to burn a 5+ GB file on a 4.7 GB disc. This is not possible and it will either give you errors or refuse to burn the file. Secondly, use IMGBurn and burn the VOB file to disc. IMGBurn will automatically identify if you're trying to burn a DVD Video Disc and make the necessary changes.

Download IMGBurn:

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I had the same message appear too. Prior to this message appearing I had another message pop up to say I needed to clear space in my recycle bin to free up 0 bytes. So I permanently deleted all the files in my recycle bin and it worked.

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