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Can I record my desktop with Fraps?

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Can I record my desktop with Fraps?

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No, Fraps can't be used for desktop recording, because there is no DirectX or OpenGl activity. You can record only launched applications and games (99 % of the cases) that were developed using DirectX and OpenGl. You should see if Fraps is activated by the presence of FPS display in one of the four corners of your monitor.

To have a desktop solution, choose an application like Camtasia. With Camtasia you can record every activity on your desktop, regardless if it's full screen or not, game or an application.

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Agree with @Stephen Joyoshare Screen Recorder is a good option as well. It is a screen recorder for PC no time limit and no lag. I always use it to download online movies from Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. and record virtual meetings in high definition. I like it very much.

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