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Degoo software for my requirements.

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I wish to work on Degoo software but in my way. Could you please help me or suggest me solution for the same. I wish to create two types of folder inside Degoo account.

One type of folder - master or admin folder which can be used by 2 - 3 different persons at one time, the data of the folder is saved / shared in the computer of all 2-3 person computers at one time.

Second type of folder - it's restricted with password and can be accessed only by the person assigned for it or the admin guy.

All the things worked on the folder is backup in one admin computer where we can manually check the things and all the data deleted by any person is saved in the trash box.

Could you please help me with this?

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Degoo is just another cloud storage solution for users who want to store their files. If you want to find out the way it works or how can you set it up for multiple computers, access the support page below. This way you can see how the software works and how to configure those folders.

Support page:

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