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How can I download online videos on iPad?

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Is there a way to download videos on iPad?

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I have a freeware for you, you can install Syncios Manager on the computer. It can download videos from 100+ sites, really help!

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Great software!! Thanks a lot.  
I always travel bacause of my work so I need to watch a lot of movies during the journey. Now I use Syncios to find my favorite movies every time and I find it has become an important part of my travelling life. You guys really do a great job. Thank you again.
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Yes, you can download videos from several streaming websites for offline viewing. For this to happen you will need to download from the App Store one from the several programs intended for video downloading. You should perform your search by using the search words video download and then choose one of the apps available. One of the widely used apps is YTD Video Downloader which will allow you to save videos from many well known video streaming websites except YouTube. Another available option is Best Video Downloader. Just try and see for yourself which software suits you the best.

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