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Cheat Engine Chrome compatibility.

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Is Cheat Engine compatible with Chrome? A plugin for it maybe?

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Yes, Cheat Engine is compatible with Chrome. I have tested it, and it works without any other plugins or extensions. There are no plugins available at the Chrome Extensions Store. Simply install Cheat Engine and then use Open to browse through the Processes list and select the one you need.

Download Cheat Engine:

To find the right process ID in Chrome use the following guide:

  1. In Chrome, open a new tab and type chrome://memory-redirect/
  2. Locate the process with the PID number.
  3. Open Calculator and select Programmer using ALT+3
  4. Choose DEC as typing mode and input the PID number, then switch to HEX.
  5. Open Cheat Engine and locate the number you got from Calculator in the processes list.

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