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How can I send someone a message on Snapchat if they didn't add me back?

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So, I want to send a message to someone on Snapchat who does not have me as a friend. Meaning they didn't add me back (my crush!). I was wondering if there is anyway I can still send him a message even though he didn't add me back. I tried sending him a message but it kept saying: CANNOT RECEIVE YOUR CHAT".

Does that mean he block me or that he have to add me back too? Please let me know, I want to talk to him so bad! I can't do it in person yet.

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If you receive "annot receive your Chat" message, you have to accept the other user no longer wants to talk to you anymore. Unfortunately, there is no true way to know if he has blocked you other than the fact that you can no longer communicate with his. My advice is to accept when someone has blocked you and move on.

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In some cases it's possible to contact someone on Snapchat, but that happens when the settings allow it. This means the user needs to tweak its settings to allow public communication. Secondly, some users require that you need to be in their Friends list. If he/she denied your request, then it's impossible to contact them. You might simply use another phone and contact them with a friends request, but this time tell them who are you and what you want. You might have more luck this way.

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