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Is there any proxy software program for BitTorrent?

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Is there any proxy software program for BitTorrent? Or maybe some proxy settings?

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Yes, you can manage to download using either proxy software or by setting up proxy in the program's settings. If you want to manually setup proxy in BitTorrent you must follow these steps:

  1. Find a proxy server address. You can choose one of the servers from the lists available on the Internet.

    1. Open BitTorrent Project Maelstorm

    2. Open the menu :
      enter image description here

    3. Go to Settings :
      enter image description here

    4. Select Torrent Settings from the left panel and then click on the Show button next to Proxy Settings:
      enter image description here

  2. Enter the Proxy server address:
    enter image description here

Also, you can choose to use Proxy software. There are several programs to choose from. You can visit the websites below to get more information:

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