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Is Tiny Monsters released for PC?

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Is there Tiny Monsters for PC? And if yes, can I download it?

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The application is only available for iOS and Android devices. There is no known version released for Windows PC but there is a way to play the game using an Android emulator which has all the features of an Android phone. Using Bluestacks, you can play the game on your PC without problems. The application features market integration from several services so it is easy to install. The software will act as if it is running on a real Android phone. Also you will need an active Internet connection because it is an online game.

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Yea, that is right. It works cos i tried it. However, don't do it unless you want a really slow, buggy version of it cos it took 20 minutes for mine to load up! no kidding! However, this does actually work.

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Getting Nokia lumia Thursday plz tell me tiny monsters is compatible with windows 8 xx

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i don't think so it is only compatible with the android devices

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