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When will Part 2 be released?

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Could you please tell me when Part 2 of True Fear will be released?

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It's impossible to tell you when the game will be released since there is only a teaser posted on Vimeo website. There is no release date or something related to this operation. You can check the teaser by yourself using the following address:

Unfortunately, this is the only resource available for public regarding this game and its release date or information. Since the first game is released on BigFish Games, your best bet is to access the site from time to time to search it.

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It's from some small ruskie game developer, so who knows!!!

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They have just opened their Facebook page (Goblinz) and they say that they will make an announcement next week.

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I suspect Goblinz has decided it belongs in the 'too hard' basket. Giving a time in the beginning and then not be forthcoming for around 12 months at least is not a good sign. The first was a great game; too much to live up to, I suspect.

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