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Which is the fastest Youtube downloading software?

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Which is the fastest Youtube downloading software?

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As Andrew saad, it is not a software but the connection speed which helps the fatest way for downloading.

However, there are a few donwload managers which assist in downloading in a fast manner from YouTube, like Orbit Downlaoder & Internet DownLoad Manager.

You can get Orbit for free, but IDM is not free, however any of this works wonders.


Orbit V4.1.1.16:, which will redirect you to

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I am using Web Stream Recorder. It can record not only from Youtube, but from many other web sites as well

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There is no fastest download Youtube application because although many apps advertise themselves as the fastest ones, the speed of downloading has nothing to do with the software at all. The speed of the download depends entirely on the connection of your Internet. If your Internet speed is slow (to a matter of a few KB/s) then the downloading process will be slow as well and no application would help.

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