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SDXC card support for Android.

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I own a Droid Bionic. I bought a 64GB SDXC having in mind that they were compatible (based on someone who was apparently more clueless than me). So, are there drivers available for android OS (soon to be upgraded to 4.0 ICS)?

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No matter the phone of this Bionic series, it is clearly stated that the phones support a total storage of up to 32 GB storage. Inserting a 64 GB card will simply not work because of the operating system and the hardware which has been designed to recognize SD cards up to 32 GB. Also, a 64 GB SDXC card is from a high performance class of storage cards (Class 10 to be more precisely) and such it’s a very big possibility that the phone does not support this type of feature. There is no news about the release of newer drivers which could modify the limitation of your hardware.

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Many users have found that the 64GB Micro SDXC card does work with the bionic. No report on what version of the OS they were using.

Instructions for using the 64GB card:
Insert the card into the phone.
Use the phone to format the card.
Restart the phone & enjoy!

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