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How to install plug-ins in GIMP?

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How can I install plug-ins in GIMP?

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If you want to use plug-ins with GIMP you should download, extract and copy the plug-ins. These steps are as it follows:

  1. Download: The largest known source of GIMP plug-ins is the GIMP plug-in registry which can be accessed by clicking the link :
  2. Extract: Once you found the plug-in that you want and you have it on your local machine you must extract the files contained with the help of an extractor like WinRAR or WinZIP.
  3. To copy the files: Go to the folder where GIMP is installed in (usually somewhere in Program Files). Once in the GIMP's main folder navigate to lib\gimp*version*\ where as version represents the version of the Gimp. Then double click the plug-ins folder, and copy your files into this folder. If your plug-in is not working you should consider the fact that not all plug-ins will run in Windows if the OS is 64bit.

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