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Virtualization via Microsoft App V.

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asked by about Pearson Education XL .Net Players
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I'm emailing you from Seneca college in Toronto Ontario. We're licensed to use the application and would like to ask a question in regards to application virtualization. We want to use Microsoft app-v to virtualize Pearson Education XL .Net Players so that we can stream it to other computers. Can Pearson Education XL .Net Players be virtualized? If not what are the limitations or restrictions that are preventing it from being virtualized? If the app can be virtualized than do you have any documentation or is there any license issues I need to be aware of?

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The application you want virtualized doesn't appear to be available anymore, nor any information can be gathered. I have checked what it seemed to be the official website, but no data is provided.

You need to contact the developers of the application in order to find out about the software and the way it works:

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