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Forward ports in uTorrent.

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What is port forwarding? Please explain in simple words. How to forward ports in uTorrent?

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In simple terms, port forwarding or port mapping, is a common technique of forwarding a network port from one node to another. This method allows a public users to reach a certain port or service for a private IP address (usually in a LAN). For example, if you are behind a router, the PC has an IP of while the router has When you download with uTorrent, the requests are being sent by, but that IP belongs to the router, not the PC. Other users from where you want to download from will connect to router instead of your computer. A port forward (example port: 25678) will tell those external users that is actually the computer. When opened on PC in uTorrent, port 25678 will permit communication between your computer and other users, therefore making you connectable.

To open a port, connect to the administration interface of your router, then go to Firewall > Forwarding rules or NAT > Forward/Port Forward (it differs from one router to another). In the Forward section, input the IP of your computer, then the port from uTorrent (you can find it in uTorrent > Options > Preferences > Connection) and check TCP and UDP and that's it. Eventually restart the router to apply the changes correctly.

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