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How to recover deleted text message in Samsung GT-S7562?

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How to recover deleted text message in Samsung GT-S7562?

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Unfortunately, it's impossible to recover a message once it has been deleted. There is no application currently available for this process. I advise to install SMS Backup and Restore in the future to prevent these situations. The application allows you to create a backup of all your messages from your phone.

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To get deleted text messages back from Samsung GT-S7562, this Samsung Recovery
app is the best choice. good luck.

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You can have a try of this android data recovery tool, it is really helpful, with it, you are able to recover deleted photos, sms, contacts, as well as photos.
For text message recovery, you can see this guide.

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As far as i know, you can still recover lost text messages from samsung before they were overwritten by new data, an android data recovery could get them back without any backup file, no matter what kind of reasons you lost them.

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This is probably too late but I really hope this can help you or others.
Firstly, We need to know why the deleted text messages can be recovered! When you delete a text message, the phone mark the message as “deleted”. Actually it still exists on your phone. If the messages did not be covered, then you can still get it back.Because deleted text messages can be overwritten, you have to do the following actions to still recover them:
• Stop using your Samsung device until the deleted text messages have been recovered.
• Try to recover the deleted text messages the soonest time possible. It is because the longer they remains unrecovered the harder it will be to recover them and the higher the chance that they will be overwritten.

Secondly, The solutions to Recover deleted text messages are as followings:
3. The free solution is “recovering from your backups” . For Android users, May be you can try to recover from google driver. Of course, it bases on you have backups.
4. If you have no backups, you can try our ways. For android user, you can try FoneDog - Android Data Recovery. Here are the steps:
Step 1: Download and Install FoneDog Toolkit.
Step 2: Connect Your Phone to Computer.
Step 3: Select The File Types to Scan Your Device for.
Step 4: Scan Your Device to Find The Lost Data.
Step 5: Preview The Scanned Data and Recover Them.

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You can have a try of some android data recovery tool, I find an article: 13 Best Android Data Recovery Software

I suggest you try the free version first before upgrade to the full version. Simply connect your Android phone to a computer and let the program directly scan the device and finds you lost files, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp, etc. One thing to note: do not save anything else to your Android device or turn off your internet connection before you try to recover your lost data. Or you lost data will be overwritten and no tools can help you recover it.

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