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Display and writing problem with Telekom TKM_66 GSM modem.

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I have a problem with this device Telekom TKM_66 GSM modem that shows "?" instead of numbers. My language is Persian. Also when I request from USSD option, I have a problem. I insert my shopping card password, but the wrong password error is shown. I do not have these problems with my cell phone. I need help.

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When you encounter "?", it means the language used is not compatible, or there is no font installed to display it properly. But even if you have Persian installed and the correct font added to the system, the software will display the default language. Use the software with the question marks as it is and browse through menus until you see something that refers to language. Then click that menu and choose another language (eg. English). Restart it, and the program should display correctly.

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