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Import damaged SQL MDF file

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I have a PC that had SQL 2005 running on it that has died. The OS is corrupted and can't be repaired at all.

I have managed to get the MDF file off of the machine but I can't attach it to another SQL server because it is damaged. How can I go about trying to repair this file?

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There are tools that can help you open the MDF file to recover its contents, but they're shareware. I have looked for a free application and there is no result, however, if you have Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio installed, you can try the following commands:

  • Open the application and go to New Query then type the command:

enter image description here

  • Click on Execute and wait for results.
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When MDF file does not open that mean it may be corrupt, you can go with SQL MDF Recovery software that allows to fix all issue from MDF file and import them successfully.

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