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MultiBit password error.

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I have my balance cash displayed on Multibit on the top left of my account where my last transaction is also displayed. I have a problem when I want to sent Bitcoins to other users. It keeps telling me that (the wallet password is incorrect) and I fully know that I have never changed my password and I have tried the directory given, but I couldn't get it done, I mean to send money. What will I do to get the new password, or does password regenerate itself to give me one or is my account corrupted? Because I know that I installed some program on my computer recently, but I never temper with Bitcoin files. I am using MultiBit-0.5.18 in Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Passwords to accounts don't change themselves unless there is a trigger like account-theft protection, manual override, theft, security maintenance, keyloggers, etc. If you've installed a third party application on your computer and it was infected, then most likely your account is already stolen without a chance of recovery.

In MultiBit, changing password is done using the old password for the wallet. Unfortunately, the developers don't provide support for accounts passwords.

Scan your computer with an anti-malware/anti-virus to see if it's infected. In case it isn't, check the Capslock key and reboot the application as well as the computer, then try to manage your wallet again.

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