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What is PeopleStrip on my Galaxy S6?

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Can Someone tell me what PeopleStrip is? I didn't put it on my phone (knowingly) but it is showing up as one of my highest power using apps with access that states it can

  1. Directly call phone numbers and read phone status and identity.
  2. Modify and read my contacts
  3. Disable my lock screen
  4. Limit number of running processes and modify secure settings.
  5. Retrieve running apps
  6. Draw over other apps
  7. Control vibration
  8. Expand/collapse status bar
  9. Modify system settings
  10. Write diagnostic information

I cannot find any information about this.

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PeopleStrip is a component of your Samsung Galaxy S6 and it's part of the operating system. The application has all the permissions above because it's used to handle contacts and the operations available for contacts. You will have to keep it installed on your phone. Additionally, to clear it from any errors, go to Settings > Apps > All tab > PeopleStrip. Tap on it then tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache. You can Force Stop it as well, but reboot the phone afterwards.

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