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Information about Factory Talkview Machine v.8

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I'm facing a problem to open two small displays at once in a run mode. Below I've mentioned simple examples:

  1. We use display size of 800x600 because our HMI screen (Touch panel) size is 800x600 pixels. So, in the main display setting we made this setting as a default setting.

As for now - we have installed on operating system only after FAT will install on HMI.

  1. Suppose, I create new display and in that I take two go-to buttons and then create two more small displays of size smaller than 800x600, say for eg. 200x170, and then go-to display setting of above created small displays and Under display position I keep different positions, i.e. top position and bottom position option.

  2. Now come back to main display wherein two go-to buttons were created and go to setting of each go-to buttons and assign this two small displays respectively so that in a run mode if I press first button first small display will open and if I press second button second display will open.

  3. Now if I will go to a run mode and then I will come to main display and if I press first go-to button first display will open at given its given location, as soon as if I press second button second display will open at other location and first gets hide and vice versa for all time.

  4. I want to know why it happens even though both are located at different locations.

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I recommend reading the available user guides for this problem. From what I see, it appears to be a little complicated.

I have checked the official website and you can use it to download the documents you need to overcome the issue posted above. Plus, don't blow your chance to contact the actual developers at the Contact Us section.

Official website:

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