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Lost messages in MXit Evo PC

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I've lost important messages or, it better say, they haven't got through to the person I sent them to, and I haven't saved and logged out. I have mobile MXit and Evo for laptop. I used Evo to type the messages, sent them, logged out, and later learned that they were never delivered. The laptop and mobile versions are the exact same MXit account. Yes, I know, I have been searching on the Internet and so far I got one answer. The messages are of a painful matter and I cannot recall the exact wording and explanations.

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You should have created a backup to restore it later on the phone or on the PC. If no backup was created for your chat history, even if the messages weren't delivered, then it's impossible to recover them. The messages are stored only for the active session. If you close, uninstall, delete the application, then messages are deleted. However, you can ask the developers because it could be possible they saved a session with the messages. Use the following emails to get in touch with them:

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