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Opening Adobe Illustrator files without Adobe Illustrator.

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Although some of the time remaining an Illustrator file to PDF will allow me to open it, other times the trick doesn't work.

Is there a free program available that will let me open Adobe illustrator files? I only need to view the files and spending the exorbitant amount of money for Illustrator seems unnecessary. I have tried Irfanview without luck. Would you know of a good program to do this?

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If your files are saved with CS3 file format, then you can simply rename .ai to .pdf and open them with Adobe Reader. The trick works only for CS3 or lower.

Luckily for you, there is an application called AI Viewer. I have installed and opened a file and it works normally. The AI files I had were saved to the latest version of Illustrator CC.


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Following 5 steps might be a solution for problem .ai files
Step 1

Launch Adobe Illustrator. Click “File” and select "Open” from the context menu.

Step 2

Choose the file you want to recover in the file-navigation dialog. Highlight the file but do not open it.

Step 3

Press “Ctrl-Alt-Shift” on a Windows PC, or press the Command-Option-Shift” keys simultaneously on a Mac.

Step 4

Click “Open” while holding down the keys. A blank window will open. Close this window.

Step 5

Navigate to the directory containing your file with the work you want to recover. Open it and look for a copy of the original filename preceded by an underscore (“_”) character. This is your recovered file ready for editing.

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When your .AI file is hardly damaged, you may refer to powerful solution [Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator]

I've discovered a fix that worked for me in un-corrupting corrupt adobe Illustrator files - quite by accident. Hope this helps someone!
Requires Acrobat (not just the Reader).
Works on (and was tested in) Illustrator version 10 and all CS versions.

Open the corrupt file in Acrobat.
Take the arrow tool.
Click on any element or text in the document.
Just move the object by hitting one of the directional arrows on your keyboard.
File, Save.
Open the file in Illustrator.
It will say 'this file has been modified outside of Illustrator' or something to that effect. it will ask if you want to keep changes.
Say 'Yes' (or OK)

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