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How is it possible to view only the last snap? I don't understand. Is my Snapchat hacked?

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This is happening again with one person. I get notification = opened only on the last sent image. And I really wonder if this person is actually saving my images. Because for example, when I send 4 snaps, this person opens only the last one or the last two snaps. The other two snaps are still unopened. How is that possible? Is it possible to view only some of snaps? Also how is it possible to view only the last snap? Cause directions are like when you receive many snaps from one person you see the first snap which was taken first, right? How can they skip some of snaps? I don't understand. Is my Snapchat hacked?

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Snapchat offers the possibility of choosing what snaps get opened. If there are unopened snaps, then it means the other user didn't choose to open them and it might be doing it at a later time. Secondly, unopened snaps are kept in the Google Cloud, where Snapchat is hosted. You don't have to worry about them, because they will be stored there until the user opens them. And yes, it's possible the person saves the images.

Additionally, when you send many snaps, the user will always see the last one instead of the first one. You see only the most recent snap and then get to the first one.

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