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Insurance Desk is not working.

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I have a lot of trouble with BLC Insurance Desk. Whenever I try to use it, it gives me an error message that the interest rates must be updated. I do so, and the error message continues to appear and then Insurance Desk closes without my asking it to. I have not yet been able to use it at all and as an agent, it is very important that I figure this out. My coworkers told me that when they had this problem and asked for help, they were sent a different download link. I tried theirs and it did not work for me. Could I please get a proper download link directly from you? Or do you have any suggestions for the program to work? Thank you.

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The only ones who can provide a download link are those from Lewis & Ellis, Inc. They are the developers of this application. I have tried finding a download link, but nothing works. No website is configured to allow downloads of the BLC Insurance Desk.

Luckily, there is a page where you can contact them directory via a contact form.

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