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Need help to stop annoying ads.

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It's such frustrated my MacBook catches ads on Firefox. But it did so. It's really hard to browse the web as usual now when I get random in-text links. They read CloudScout. Have you encountered such problem? How do you resolve it?

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Hi, have you sorted it out?

"CloudScout is a malicious and pesky adware program which has the ability to add new browser add-on without asking for any permission.

CloudScout is able to track your online history and browsing cookies." (Quoted from this post)
It seems the malware is rather dangerous. Without doubt, it's wise to clean out all its components to save your machine as well as the privacy.
Hope this helps!

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You can install AdBlock for Firefox to stop the ads displays in-line or on the pages. Make sure you have the latest version of Firefox and then open it and go to Tools > Add-ons. Use the Search function and type "adblock". Choose the AdBlock for Firefox add-on and install it. Restart the browser, then go to Tools > Add-ons again and click the Options for AdBlock. Add other filters and then you can browse safely without ads. The CloudScout will also be removed from the page.

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