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Dalet Professional issues while using Windows 7 Professional.

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I have been using DALET in Windows 7 Professional (in XP mode) and had no problems until today. I tried to restore system with no success. As soon as I start playing the recording in Dalet, it comes up with the message:


I have tried everything, but cannot get it to work. My foot pedal works perfectly, but as soon as I start typing, I get this message. Can you assist, please?

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The message indicates that you are trying to use the application while the default playback channel is already being used by another software. I recommend closing all the applications, then restarting the XP mode and restarting the application as well. When all applications are closed, start the software and then try using it again. There is no reason for it not to work if it was already working for so many time.

Additionally, check the Dalet's settings menu to see if there is a way to change the channel.

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