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Why doesn't HP Reovery Manager work properly on my Windows?

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I had a hard drive crash and Recovery Manager asked me if I wanted to backup my files before re-setting factory standards. I did and saved the backup to my external hard drive. I spent 2 days this week working with HP Customer service, and could not find any of my working files. Instead of my XLS, DOC and PDF document files, I have 1407 folders, 2162 GIF, 1608 HTM, 300 HTML, 9314 JPEG, 3448 PNG, 1547 TXT (cookies) and 1098 XML files. I have now run Recovery Manager for 3 times with the same results; and each time the restored files are inaccessible, and I have to Share and then grant Permissions for the main file and all the "child" inheritable files. It's a mess. I could have simply used File-Save to my external HD, if I had only known. Now all my files are gone.

I have an HP110-210.

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Those files might appear in the recovery section, but you still have to use HP Recovery Manager to restore the files. The files might look like normal files, but if they were encrypted, then the only way to recover them is with the application. However, if the files were simply copied to the hard disk and they're not encrypted, re-install Windows and copy all of them back. It will ask to create an Administrator account, but you can simply confirm and the files will be accessible again.

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