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IMSeye Pro keeps changing ID

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I have installed the app IMSeye Pro on my iPhone 3Gs and set up the device details, but it doesn't save my settings for User ID, it keeps putting genius in after I have entered my ID and saved.

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There is no report for this issue which means that the application might be bugged. My advice is to reinstall the application or update it through the App Store application found on your phone. However, there is a problem because the official developer can't be contacted since the official website is not available. I have tried accessing it and it's not working. You will need another application in order to view CCTV cams.

You can use iCamViewer as an alternative:

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Thank you for your input, however I have managed to  install and use this app on an iPhone. The confusion was the lack of coherent instructions in the manual for non tech people.

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