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How to install Photoshop CS5 Plugins?

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I just would like to know how to install all the great plugins I found here!

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Many Photoshop plug-ins have an automated installer which adds necessary data into the registry or places the files into the folder of the software. In case you have plug-ins which are standalone (.8rb, .Plugin, etc) then you should copy those files (please note that Photoshop should be closed at that moment) into the following folder: \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Plug-ins. The next time when you will open the main software, these plug-ins (if are compatible) will be loaded into the application and then you will be able to access them from the main window of the software. The plug-ins will be accessible from the Filter menu.

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Thank you for the information.   I wasn't aware the file had to be inserted in the plug-in folder.
I appreciate your answer.

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