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Can't open .doc files with Word 2007.

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When I try, I get a "locked file" message, as if someone else has opened it already, but they haven't. I can open any .docx file, but any .doc file gets that message.

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To fix this error, right click the Word executable and go to File > Properties. After this procedure, uncheck all the compatibility options and leave everything as it is, but make sure that the Run as Administrator option is also unchecked. Close the application, start Word using the normal way then go to File > Open. Additionally, close all the background applications from your computer and repeat the procedure.

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Although older MS Office documents are designed to open OK with the new Office 2007, there may be some problems with older documents and file formats that the user who posted above was having difficulty opening and reading.

Consider downloading and installing the MS Office 2007 Converter Package. This will help your computer read older Office files created in older versions of Office (97-2003). Fore more use Word Repair Toolbox. In the Microsoft Word repair software, restored text can be exported to Microsoft Word or saved as a text file. If Microsoft Word cannot find a backup of files then our tool can recover text from corrupted file easy and fast.enter link description here

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