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How can I stream video online from HC-V550 to my PC?

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I've recently purchased the HC-V550 camcoder. I needed to stream video to Ustream and I did it successfully using the direct connection and my Lumix Club account. I actually need to stream the video from the camera to my PC and upload from my PC using Ustream Producer Windows software. I haven't found a way to connect the camera to Ustream producer software (or VLC or any other video stream player). It would be great if I could capture the video from the camera to my PC instead of my Android phone. I wonder if setting the camera in "baby monitor" mode starts broadcast and I can capture that video stream from the PC. I need the correct settings for that. I will appreciate any help.

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You can't create a re-stream unless you record it and then do it with other software, but to use the uStream application, the connection has to be direct. However, you can do it in VLC with the Play and Stream option. Install or open VLC, then go to Media > Open Captured Device. Select all the parameters, then click the arrow next to Play and choose Stream. Paste the stream in a compatible application and that's re-streaming, but I don't think it's available for uStream Producer.

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