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ISmartView Pro storage problem.

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I have downloaded a program called ISmartView Pro to watch my Ip-cam and it works right.
But when I record a cam, the record stops 1 second before 2 hours every time. Even if I use a planned record which contain 7 hours recording, it stops at 2 hours. In advance, I can tell you that the hard disk free space is at 406 gb, so the storage is not the problem. What can be done, so I can record more than 2 hours?

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This could be a bug in the application's functionality. Try reinstalling the software and repeat the procedure. Secondly, make sure the partition is in NTFS mode. Anything different than NTFS will cause file problems. Secondly, access the software and change the configuration settings. Most problems come from wrong settings applied to various recording methods.

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Thanks for answer, but I can not see how to solve this problem. I have reinstalled the software 2 times on both my computers. Both computers only have NTFS partitions, and the free storage is more than 3-500 gb. I have tried to record several ways and every time it stops on 1.59.59 on both computers. All the files space is about 400 mb, so I don't think the storage space is the problem.

If there is a bug on the program, it would be nice if that could be changed. The program is easy to use, and I can't find other programs which can be used to my cam's (I have 2 of them).

Sincerely Arne

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