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Windows 8 32 bit to Windows 8 64 bit installation.

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I purchased the Windows 8 Pro upgrade - to upgrade from Windows XP and Vista. The package came with both Windows 8 32 bit and Windows 8 64 bit disks. The information I was given was that I could install Windows 8 64 bit while upgrading from Win XP PRO 32 bit. The 64 bit version would not install and the install process required me to insert the 32 bit version and install it. Now that the 32 bit version of Windows 8 is installed, I cannot get the 64 bit version to install. What gives? I really need the 64 bit to run software that is not available in 32 bit version.

P.S. The PC went through all the updates and is now updated to Windows 8.1 32 bit. I still need 64 bit! If I have the upgrade disk, why can't I upgrade to 64 bit? How do I get the 64 bit version without another purchase?

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Once the 32bit has been installed, there is no way to upgrade to a 64bit without a fresh installation. The 64bit disc can also be used for new installations. You should consult the motherboard's and CPU's manual of your computer to see if 64bit computing is available. If it supports 64bit operating systems, insert the 64bit DVD and start a new installation, but before doing it, backup all the data you need from the C:\ partition. After this procedure, boot from the 64bit DVD and select Custom instead of Upgrade when you are prompted. Follow the install instructions and you will have the operating system in 64bit computing mode.

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