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Power Point files occasionally get corrupted and can't be opened.

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I have many PPT files stored on my Dropbox and these things happen to a couple of files:
They occasionally get corrupted and can't be opened at all. The fonts change by themselves on some of the slides. e.g. it's supposed to be all TimeNewRoman - then it randomly changes some of my paragraphs to my custom fonts. Some of the images in the PPT file are swapped from one file to another. Is there a way to repair these files?

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While the files are stored on the drive, in no way they should be corrupted unless they are synced elsewhere. The files on the Dropbox remain the same until you access them. Try reinstalling the Dropbox application then observe the behavior. It's possible that the upload is corrupted and while you upload the files it also corrupts them. There have been problems with the cloud synchronizers (eg. OneDrive) that when it's used, it actually corrupted the files.

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