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Recovery of pictures.

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I had Safe gallery application earlier, for some reason I had to reset my Android and all the applications were lost. I re-installed safe gallery application, but I am unable to recover the pictures which moved to Safe gallery.

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There are a few steps you can try to recover the images. The Safe Gallery application features a recovery option for your photos.

According to the official description, you have the possibility to recover your images using the following operation: Safe Gallery Reinstall > Setting > Lock Media Recovery.

For more info, I recommend checking the app's page:

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The first thing people need to do is stop or add new data to Android in order to avoid the overwriting. Then, with the assistant of. Android Photo Recovery they can perform files recovery from Android phone.

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For Android, you can use Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android.

First you need to stop adding more data, put it into the program asap.

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