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I have a problem with Site Deployer.

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I have NetBeans 8.02 and have FTP Site Deployer installed. When I upload a file to the remote server it saves the file as HTML. It does not use the name of the file that is uploaded, but changes it to a file called HTML. What am I doing wrong?

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The Site deployer, like the name says, is an application that takes your website (HTML, scripts, images, resources, programs, etc) and moves it to FTP to the desired FTP host. The application compiles the code and saves it as HTML to be able to be viewed on the web. If you want to upload the source files, use another FTP application and upload the files as they are without compiling or saving them to a specific format through Site Deployer. Site Deployer will always upload the files as a "web page".

asked Feb 26, 2015
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FTP Site Deployer information.
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Hi Sean,
The problem is not that it saves an html file to the remote server but that it saves a file called html to the server. So if I upload index.html it saves the file as html and not index.html. The original file is not overwritten! The file length look to be the same and even if I save a backup file it saves it as html.bak.
Thanks Jon

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