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Microsoft Word is not opening my saved documents.

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For some reason my Microsoft Word program is not opening documents. Whenever I go to open one I get a popup system request from Windows stating: Windoc.exe wants to make changes to my computer. I say yes but when it opens its says "There was a problem sending the command to the program". How can I fix this?

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There is an easy fix for this problem. Many users encountered the problem, and it's all caused by the fact that the executable file has some compatibility options set up. To overcome this, locate the EXE file (WinDOC or WinWord): C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office XX\Winword.exe where XX is the version. Right click the file and then choose Properties > Compatibility. Remove everything related to: Run as options, Windows backward compatibility, etc. There shouldn't be any option checked on the page.

Accept the changes, then try opening a DOC file and it should work.

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